Vision Statement:

To unite the elements through the praxis of applied technology, to build and design unique
and creatively inspired structures and spaces while being on the forefront of innovative and
sustainable building techniques. To bring an artisan approach to all our building projects. To
provide viable options to our clients that are low-impact, progressive, and inspiring to each
and every one of our clients. To enrich our experience through communion with the process
of discovery.

Mission Statement:

Gnomadik is a collective of artisans devoted to co-creating inspirational, innovative,
artistically inspired spaces with our clients. The Gnomadik collective is a group of
community inspired builders, artisans and craftsmen who work together to assemble the
right team to approach each exciting project with the best recipe of talent for the job.

About us:

Creatively focused, Gnomadik aims to provide an artistic, sustainable and intentional
approach to the homefront, the foundation of our daily lives. Gnomadik recognizes the
important balance that a home provides and strives to approach every project with these
values in mind. Gnomadik brings forth both a professional and transparent approach to
each and every project.

The Gnomadik team, Adam, Chris, and Andy all share common core values that define our
mission. The importance of community, honesty, sustainability, and artistic expression are
the mediums that forge this family.

Gnomadik will achieve outstanding results by arranging our team in ways that bring forth the
skills, talents, and perspective perfect for each individual project.
At Gnomadik we are all leaders. We work together as a community, honoring each other’s
skill sets, abilities, and creative drive. Our #1 intent – to work as a team harmoniously,
efficiently and professionally is made possible by our commitment to honest open
communication, logical and critical thinking in our decision making and most of all having
fun following our passions.