Tiny Home epidemic

Tiny Home epidemic

More and more I keep on hearing of this “tiny home” movement. I live at Green Haven Farm and at first I came here in my camper. Realizing that this would in no way be sufficient for winter living on the coast-having attempted it once before in the leaky, poorly insulated, fourteen foot camper- I set out to get a bigger trailer. One I could install a wood stove in and hunker down in, warm for the winter. Leak free.

Being at the farm, surrounded by natural beauty is inspiration enough to create. Though being surrounded by the creative people that  reside and visit here, is an inspiration gold mine.  Adam, co-creator of Gnomadik homes has been so gracious as to agree to help support and plan my trailer renovations with me- as I have almost zero building experience.  He has a wealth of experience with building and has just recently shipped off Gnomadiks  gorgeous Tiny home to Orcas island. He is also helping to build other tiny dream homes – so I know I’m in good hands.

Well, what started as a small trailer renovation, has now turned into a total demolition and journey into building my own tiny home on wheels. Turns out the $200 1974 travel  trailer was rotten through to the floor boards.  Adam informed me(while laughing) that I would have to build it from scratch. At first I was shocked and rather overwhelmed and dismayed. My building experience extends to a wooden box I built for my mum in middle school. Then I looked around, and thought about how this challenge could be looked at as an amazing opportunity. I just happen to be living somewhere, where there are the resources and creative, and experienced community I would need to really make this happen.  Adam Szoke, co-creator of a Gnomadik homes- offering his help and inspiration as well as a growing number of people within the Comox Valley to serve as an example. An experienced builder and designer that co- owns the property, and to top it off – two women visiting, one of whom is a carpenter and natural builder. Oh- and a fully equiped shop.

Ok universe- I’m catching on to this Tiny home epidemic. Small, mobile, affordable homes. The whole concept of shackling oneself to a mortgage for forty years is quickly loosing its appeal.  What I really feel is spreading this movement, is the desire for more freedom. For some this is the freedom to up and move when the mood strikes, and for others this means breaking ties with the clutter and fuss a larger home often incurs. For me, its a combination of  many factors. Some of them being that I just dig opening my door and stepping into whatever forest or farm I happen to strike a mutually beneficial agreement with. Also a 20 minute full house clean fits well into my schedule. I feel I have time to pursue some of life’s other endeavors. At 15 feet long and 8 feet wide-on wheels- home is looking versatile.


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